Gotway MSuper User Manual

Gotway MSuper User Manual

Electric Unicycle User Manual

Model: MSuperX/Pro

Manufacturer: Gotway/ Kebye Co Ltd

Tel. : 0769-82707130-2001

Add :No.1A, Xiubian Industrial zone, Nanbei Ave, Humen Town, Dongguan City Building 1st flr.

Safety Instructions for use

1. Always be aware this vehicle is for entertainment only and not a legally licensed road vehicle. Before riding this product safely you will need a good amount of practice to master safe driving skills. If you are an unskilled rider or use this product in a method not outlined in this manual it may cause personal injury or property damage to the rider or other parties. The manufacturer/distributor only assumes responsibility for product failure and does not assume any liability for personal injury and or property damage related to its use. 

2. This vehicle has the following automatic protection functions:

-Intelligent speed limiting protection based on a rider's weight and remaining battery power. 

-Automatic roll stop protection when the roll is over 45 degrees. When the tire is suspended for more than two seconds, it will automatically stop protection. 

-Power supply short circuit protection, battery undervoltage protection, and overvoltage protection. For more information, visit to learn more about each safety protection feature. It should be noted that although this product has a comprehensive automatic security protection mechanism, these mechanisms can only function when the user complies with the guidelines of this manual and the relevant laws and regulations in the region. 

3.Please make sure to read and follow the contents of “Warning” and “Prohibition” in this manual, always pay attention to driver safety, don’t speed, and don’t perform dangerous actions. You should not share the road with licensed motor vehicles at any time. 

The following are some other safe riding practices:

A. The following persons are prohibited from riding this product or the purchaser assumes responsibility for the consequences:

-Minors under 14 or Seniors over 60 years of age. Children 14 to 18 years of age must ride only under adult supervision. 

-People with limited mobility and responsiveness or persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

-People with cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, or other high-risk diseases. 

B. Before you use this product, make sure you meet the requirements of local laws and regulations and do not ride on roads where prohibited by area laws and regulations. 

C. Do not ride in dark or obstructed areas. If necessary you can purchase bicycle headlights and safety accessories separately. 

D. Do not ride in snowy conditions or on wet roads that are soft, muddy, or icy. 

E. Do not ride at high speeds or accelerate/decelerate abruptly when battery power is low (yellow or red battery indicator) 

F. Users are strongly recommended to install and use the GotWay App which runs on newer iOs and Android devices. The GotWay App has functions that update product firmware (to improve performance and security), a driving recorder, and allows access to the GotWay official website. Timely updating of GotWay’s firmware allows users to have a safer and more feature-rich riding experience. 

Product Structure (Reference Photo Above):

1. Gotway electric unicycle housing  

2. Power switch 

3. USB charging port 

4. Charging port socket 

5. Headlamp  

6. Tie rod 

7. Atmosphere lamp 

8. Vent door 

9. Pedal 

10. Wheel rim

Included in your purchase: 

1 Electric Unicycle

1 Charger

1 User Manual & Warranty Card