InMotion V11 User Manual

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle User Manual

Model: IM-V11

Manufacturer: InMotion




The user manual below is a quick and convenient guide of safety & functions/features. We cannot ensure all types of situations & emergencies are covered. Therefore, we strongly remind you to read this guide very carefully and ride with attention to ensure your safety.

Main Features

1. Headlight and Tailight 

When the device is on, click the power button one more time to turn the headlight on/off. The headlight could also be turned off through the InMotion app. The taillight is always on during riding and blinks during braking. 

2. Anti-spinning button

Holding down the anti-spinning button will stop the motor from running if the device is currently immobile.

3. Charging Port

There are two charger ports available, allowing for the charging time to be reduced by 50% if both chargers are being used at the same time. The red light indicates on-charging and the green light indicates charging completed. The USB port could be used as a power output.

4. Additional components

The trolley handle can be unfolded by pressing the unlock button location underneath it. Hold the lock button down to fold the handle when not in use. The kickstand at the back of the device can be used to park the unicycle.

Model: IM-V11
Dimensions: 675mm (H) X 500mm (L) X 180mm (W)
Weight: around 28kg
Maximum Load: 120kg (265lbs)
Maximum Hill Climbing Grade: 35°
Operating Temperature: -10℃ / +45℃ (14°F / 113°F)
Storing Temperature: -20℃ / +45℃ (-4°F / 113°F)
IP Rating: IP55
    Rated Power: DC 74V
    Top Charging Voltage: DC 84V
    Rated Capacity: 1500Wh
    Smart BMS with capacity equalization, overcharge, under-voltage, and overheat protection
Rated Power: 2200W sustained
Max Power: 4400W peak
Charger Voltage: Input AC 100~240 V ,Output DC 84V、2.5A
Charging Time
    Single Charger:  around 10h
    Dual Chargers:  around 5h
Rider Requirements
    Age:  16 and older
    Height: 120 - 200cm (3.9ft - 6.6ft)

Getting Started

1. Powering On / Off your electric unicycle 

Long press power button

2. Refill the air-spring of the suspension system

The shock absorption of the device is supported by two built-in air-springs. These springs need to be refilled with air before use. Using the manufacturer-provided inflator, refill through the air chamber located at the bottom of the pedal. Check the weight-barometer below for the appropriate air pressure. 

    50kg - under (110lbs - under) : 40 - 60psi
    60 - 70kg (132 - 154lbs) : 60 - 80psi
    70 - 80kg (154 - 176lbs): 80 - 120psi
    80 - 90kg (176 - 198lbs): 120 - 130psi
    90 - 100kg (198 - 220lbs): 130 - 150psi
    100 - 120kg (220- 265lbs): 150 - 170psi

3. InMotion App

This unicycle supports Bluetooth 5.0 LE. The BLE ID is V11-XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is the last 8 digits of the serial number of the device which can be located either on the packaging or on the body of the unicycle. The serial number of your device is crucial for quality tracking, repair, insurance compensation, and loss confirmation and should be kept for safekeeping. Details about specific functions available on the app can be found in the InMotion app at InMotion's official website

4. Practicing
Find an appropriate and solitary training area. It's best to train in a large open area with no obstacles: please don’t ride on the street or anywhere there are a lot of cars and people. The riding surface should be flat and firm with no loose gravel or large bumps. Warm-up your body and wear safety gear to protect yourself. Check the battery level, and inspect the unicycle to avoid potentially unsafe factors like looseness, abnormal sound, push the unicycle by hand to see whether any friction exists between the tire and body shell. Find a friend to assist you if needed. 
  • Start the unicycle: Grasp the handle with one hand, place the unicycle vertically on the ground, and fold down both foot pedals. Press the power button to turn on the unicycle. We suggest that you push the unicycle forward and backward to get an idea of the intensity of acceleration and deceleration. If the unicycle tilts either forward or backward after power is switched on, then wait until it reverts to an upright position before riding.
  • Try to stand on the unicycle: Using your preferred dominant leg, stand on the pedal with your foot centered front-to-back and ankle all the way against the body of the EUC. Keep the wheel directly underneath your center of gravity and keep your back completely vertical - resist the urge to lean forward. Always maintain firm contact between the side of your leg and the body of the EUC as this is critical to stay in control while standing in place. Begin to place more of your body weight on the pedal foot and notice that the pressure increases against your leg. This is necessary to counterbalance for the period of time you are balancing on one leg. Start to move forward in small steps or hops with one leg on the EUC and get used to this counterbalancing effect. Gradually, you can begin to attempt bringing the other foot onto the pedal for 1-2 seconds. Next, place your dominant foot on the pedal and use the other foot to pedal. If you are struggling during this process you may need to look for additional supports such as a rail or fence.
  • Go forward: Like riding a bicycle, you'll need to transfer your center of gravity to the center of the unicycle as you learn to take off with both feet on the wheel. You need a little bit of speed to make balancing easier, so it can help to "kick-off" like a skater to initiate forward momentum. Since a forward-leaning posture is required to accelerate and maintain a forward motion, you'll need to immediately rest your center of gravity in front of the EUC by leaning forward as soon as you step up to take off. This can be a mental challenge more than a physical challenge, so you'll just take it easy and practice keeping your posture upright while pushing your whole body weight forward. Avoid bending forward at the hips in a protective stance as this will transfer the center of gravity backward preventing you from moving forward. Remember to keep your back completely straight and vertical at all times.
  • Turning: Turning can be achieved in several different ways. For beginners, it's advised to start by physically facing towards the direction you want to travel. You'll find that turning your torso will also encourage the wheel to follow. You can also achieve a large radius turn by simply banking and leaning your whole body once you initiate a turn. Be careful not to lean too aggressively at first. Another technique for more intermediate/advanced riders that allows you to turn in much smaller circles is to tilt the pedals left / right with your feet so the EUC is leaning towards its side as you turn.

Care and Maintenance 

1. Storage
Keeping your unicycle dry and indoor will decrease the chances of potential problems. If left unused for a long time, recharge the battery at least once a month to avoid completely draining the battery and maintain the longevity of the battery. The battery of EUC will be used up after about 120 to 180 days in standby status even it was fully charged. Not charging the battery for a prolonged period of time after this point may lead to permanent damage to the battery due to over-discharge. The damage caused by long-term non-charging is not covered by the warranty.
2. Battery Maintenance
The battery should not be exposed to temperatures higher than  50°C or lower than -2°C ( for example, do not put EUC or its battery in a car exposed under strong sunshine in summer). DO not place the battery near a fire that may lead to battery failure, overheating, and even a risk of the battery catching on fire. For other maintenance precautions, please refer to the label on the battery. It is recommended that users should avoid exhausting the battery completely before recharging. We recommend recharging before using to help extend the battery life. At freezing or below, you may see a drop in battery life and performance. 
3. Tire Maintenance
If the air pressure of EUC tires is insufficient, please inflate before using the device. The default value for unicycles is 2.8Bar.
4. Cleaning 
Before cleaning, please make sure that the unicycle is powered off and unplug. The charging port should be close and need to always be dry. Wipe the outer case of EUC with a soft cloth and soap or clean water. Do not use a high-pressure water gun to clean the device. The IP rating of EUC is IP55, which means that the EUC should not be submerged in water. Do not use alcohol, gasoline, solvent, or any other chemical agent.

Safety Guidelines

As an outdoor sports and transportation device, serious injury may occur any time during ridding. Please use caution at all times. It is important to take your time during the learning process and make sure you are well prepared and in full control of the EUC before attempting to ride near pedestrians, vehicles, or anything you could potentially damage.  Please wear a helmet, gloves, elbow/knee pads, or other additional protective wear for your own safety. 

  1. Please read the user manual carefully before using the device
  2. We do not recommend anyone under the age of 14 to ride the electric unicycle.
  3. Do not allow pregnant women or individuals affected psychologically or physically to ride this unicycle. Do not ride the device while sick, taking medicine, or under the influence. Before driving the device, make sure that you can get on and off from the unicycle without assistance.
  4. This EUC is intended for only one rider at a time. Do not ride the device while carrying children or while holding heavy goods. Do not ride while distracted or on the phone.
  5. Check the device before every ride to make sure no parts are loose or damaged.
  6. Before recharging the unicycle, please make sure the charging port be dry, trouble-free, and no foreign matter. The battery of the unicycle must be placed in an environment between -20°C and 45°C. Do not recharge and use it under the environment out of range -20°C ~ 45°C. Stop riding immediately if the battery displaced signs of damage, odor, smoke, or overheating. 
  7. Do not modify or repair the unicycle without authorization. It is forbidden to try to open, disassemble, or perform abnormal operations on the battery. After fully charged (5 grids), the device has a standby time of 180 days. At 1 grid, the standby time is 30 days. Please pay attention to the remaining power to prevent permanent damage to the battery caused by untimely recharging.
  8. Please wear a helmet, gloves, elbow/knee pads, or other additional protective wear for your own safety. It is your responsibility to adhere to local helmet laws. It is recommended for you to wear protective glasses while driving. 
  9. Do not ride the unicycle in bad weather, low visibility, poor light, and other adverse environments. Do not ride on very rough or unstable surfaces, rainy weather, heavily inclined, or muddy or pebbled roads that could lead to loss of traction and stability.
  10. Do not ride on highways or any other prohibited roads or pathways. It is your responsibility to adhere to local laws. Please pay attention to the distance between the unicycle/your body and the obstacles
  11. Our products are designed for high performance, but riders must use caution when accelerating and braking. Aggressively leaning for rapid acceleration or braking is the most common cause of accidents and is not recommended.
  12. The unicycle is a personal transportation product for short-distance. It is forbidden to use it to carry any goods or other improper purposes.

Legal Notices

1. Personal Information Statement
  • The personal information includes what you voluntarily entered when you connected to the unicycle with Inmotion App (hereinafter referred to as APP) and what you voluntarily provided while using the product. Personal information includes but not limited to your name, gender, age, address, contact information, occupation, and time and place of using our services
  • While using the APP, the personal information you provided such as owner verification, product serial number activation, questionnaire, after-sale tracking, suggestions on related products or services, will be very helpful in order for us to provide you with better products, services, and user experience in the future. 
  • You reserve the right not to provide personal information. However, this could limit our ability to provide you with better product functions and services in the future. It may also affect your use of our products and services.
  • You have agreed that we may provide your personal information to relevant third parties under any of the following conditions: 
    • After your special authorization
    • Comply with the mandatory requirements of the relevant laws or government agencies (including judicial agencies)
    • Enforce available service terms (including investigation of possible violations)
    • To deal with fraud, security, or technical issues
    • To protect the rights, property, or safety of users or the public from damage to the extent required or permitted by law
    • In special and/or emergency situations.
  • The use, transmission, and storage of your personal information include electronic data, take place within or outside of China. 
  • To improve your user experience, you fully agree that Inmotion and its affiliates are allowed to occasionally direct information about products and services to you
  • For the security of your personal information, we will take reasonable and safe measures to protect it from unauthorized disclosure and use. You also agree that Inmotion will decide how long to store and retain your personal information according to the time required for the specified purpose or any agreement, laws, and regulations. 
  • You agree to waive all claims, liabilities, and losses caused or probably to be caused by the disclosure or use of your personal information in accordance with this legal statement by receivers and/or users such as Inmotion and/or affiliates Claims, liabilities and losses are caused by the direct intentional acts or gross negligence of the recipient and/or user. 

2. Intellectual Property Statement

  • Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, or otherwise stipulated in the agreement, Inmotion has intellectual property rights (including but not limited to the copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, and their application rights, implementation rights related to products and their accessories, APPs, and websites, Permission, etc.). All rights are reserved. Without the prior written consent of Inmotion, no illegal use or any other punishment shall be allowed. 
  • This legal statement applies to the laws of the People's Republic of China. 
  • For all claims, responsibilities, and losses caused by consumers or any third party in violation of this legal statement, Inmotion shall not be liable for any compensation. 
  • This legal statement constitutes an inseparable statutory part of Inmotion's products. 
  • You can choose to accept all the terms of this legal statement and use Lexing Tianxia products. If you use Inmotion products, you are deemed to agree to accept all the terms of this legal statement and bear any possible risks and responsibilities.


For warranty policy, please consult with the point of purchase or email the manufacturer’s service team:  Please contact your local dealer, distributor for assistance. Customers in the US can reach for general service or repair, but please keep in mind that your original seller is responsible for warranty support.