How to: Connect your EUC to EUC World

How to:

Connect to EUC with EUC World App

  • On your phone, go to the app store and download EUC World(Android).
  • Start the app on your phone.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your device.
  • Turn on EUC(Electric Unicycle).
  • Tap the flashing green circle at the top. Tap the Bluetooth symbol that pops up. It will list your EUC. 

  • If it’s the EUC is a Gotway/Begode it will show up as “Gotway_12345”(numbers vary). If the EUC is a Kingsong it will show up as “KS-16S-1234”(Model and numbers vary). 
  • Select your EUC on the app. When it asks for a password, leave it blank and tap “OK”. 

  • You should now be connected to the wheel.
  • To change the settings select the 3 dot button to bring up the settings.
  • Riding data will populate the main screen as you ride. You can view additional riding data by swiping to the right.