Alarm, tiltback, and cutoff information for Gotway/Begode EUCs


GW/BG wheels have three possible alarms: 

All three alarms are at fixed speeds/capacities. The first two alarms are at fixed speeds that cannot be changed. These first two alarms can be enabled or disabled with either the Begode app or a 3rd party app. Most riders disable them to prevent the wheel from beeping at lower speeds.

The last alarm cannot be disabled and will always sound at 80% motor capacity. Never ignore the final alarm (continuous beeping). There is serious risk of overleaning or cutting out when pushing past this 3rd alarm.


On GW/BG wheels, tiltback can be toggled on/off. Tiltback can only be set to a single unchanging speed. This can be done in the Begode app or a 3rd party app.

If you prefer to use tiltback, we recommend setting it to be no higher than 37mph. The tiltback strength increases gradually the faster you push past the speed setting, and maxes out at 5mph past the set speed.

So for example, a 37mph tiltback setting would result in a 42mph maximum tiltback angle, which is nearly impossible to push past. Experienced riders used to leave tiltback off as the app would not allow setting the speed high enough. It's up to you to decide if you want to use this feature. Use this feature as a self-imposed speed limit.


There are two scenarios that cause the wheel to stop balancing.

  1. If you demand too much power from the motor, and it cannot keep up with you, it will cut out. This is called an overlean. This cutout can be avoided by being aware of how hard you're pushing the wheel.
  2. The more dangerous scenario is if the wheel cuts out at high speed, aka overspeed. If you are cruising too close to the wheel's top speed (around 43mph), the EUC will suddenly disengage the motor. It disengages the motor to protect the unit. Thankfully a cutoff can be avoided by not going faster than the speed at which the final alarm begins to sound.
    1. You can replicate this scenario safely by lifting the wheel from the ground and allowing it to reach max speed. You'll see the unit reach max speed, beep to let you know the unit is overspeed, and then deactivate the motor.