How to: Update Gotway/Begode Firmware

Here is a guide on how to update the firmware on Gotway/Begode units. We've found the most notable update is a stability fix for some of the hollow motor units(RS, Ex.N).

Steps 1-3 are covered by this community video.

Steps 4-11 are covered by this community video.

  1. With the unit off, lay the unit on its side.
  2. Hold down the lift switch. Turn the unit on, and mash the lift switch in rapid succession. This will place the unit into "firmware update mode".
  3. You can tell if you've done the above step correctly when the wheel will beep continuously. It may take several tries.
  4. Launch the Gotway/Begode app and connect to your wheel. Keep the phone next to the wheel until the update process is done.
  5. Click on the bottom right "Profile" button.
  6. Select the "Settings" option, and then the "Firmware upgrade" option.
  7. Select your unit. (Example: If you're riding an EX, select the EX option)
  8. Though not fully translated, press the button in the center of the screen to start the firmware update.
  9. Let the firmware update run. During this process, the wheel will beep several times, which is normal.
  10. After the firmware update reaches 100%, the wheel will power off if being updated by an android phone. If using an iphone, turn the unit off manually.
  11. Power the unit back on.
  12. You may need to bring the unit back out of "firmware update mode". Repeat step 2, and the unit should no longer beep continuously.
  13. Test the unit to make sure that it's fully functional.